Friday, 31 May 2013

A Mixed Week

This week has had a few frustrations, but seems to be ending quite well.  I started the week off pulling a muscle in back moving a wardrobe (Again!!!), Getting baby germs of Rose and generally being run down by hayfever.  All in all, the makings of a good week.

I was feeling slightly better by Wednesday, but my back was still not 100%, so I opted to go and start cleaning a route of Jordan Buys to do the second ascent.  It was massively minging, so I was not totally clear on which way to go.  So, another trip up at least to finish the cleaning mission.  It looks good though, and I flashed through the top section whilst belaying myself, so hopefully the crux lower section will be ok oncw I clean it.

Today my back was feeling a little better, and I had a few hours free early this morning.  I took advantage of this and the cooler start to the day, by heading to Woodhouse.  After warming up, I did Angel Face and Angel Face Eliminate, both 7b+ first go having not done them for a while.  i then turned my attention to adding an alternative start to Angel's Crossing Extension and Weeping Angel.  The Start is for those that don't have the shoulders for the Eliminate start.  It Starts up Angel Arete to join the problems in the slot.  It does add a couple more moves, and in my opinion, makes a slightly trickier start to the problems.  This said the Grade for Angel's Crossing Arete Start is font 7b+ and Weeping Angel Arete Start 7c still.  Definitely filler in problems, but quite nice ways to do them, especially if you don't like the pressy start.

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