Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mytholm Bouldering

After being ditched by Ben, as his ankle is still swollen and Elliot's timings don't match with mine. I ended up going for a boulder to Mytholm Steeps. The edge has some quite tricky problems and the quarry some new prospects. I went around on to the edge first and warmed up on The Wickerman font 6c**+, and the had a look at Not for Weasels font 7b+**. Although not my style, I was hoping to made some progress. Instead I got spanked!

Hard heel pull on Ghost Rider
Crux pull of Tony's Wall

I ditched it and moved on to Ghost Rider font 7a+**. This seemed nail when I last tried it a couple of years ago. It went first go today, Psyched! I then spent around an hour falling off the same move of the super steep wall of Tony's Wall font 7b+**. Finally, I worked out how to how the swing and sent the problem. Not before my skin was starting to feel pretty sore. It had started to hailstone, so I walked back to the car. The quarry was still dry, so I added a sit start to Local Interest Only to make a nice font 7b*. It is a good way to stop you doing a french start to the original. The new project I'm looking at was a bit wet, so will have to wait.

Above & below: Local Interest SS

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