Monday, 20 May 2013

Weekend Work and Houdini Sendage!

On Friday I met up with Adi Gill and a bunch of other folks for the New Guide photo shoot for Woodhouse.  Whilst there I got on Houdini V9 6c**.  The end has always been the problem, with that being a hard 6c move.  Dave Sutcliffe found a different way to what I had seen before, but my legs are still to long to do the short man version.  I found a way to mix the 2 methods up and final did the stand start.  The roof section went in 30 mins, but I dropped the end twice and ran out of steam.

Sunday took me to the Peak to work for James Thacker Mountaineering with the Not So Trad Climbing Club.  I was pretty early, so managed to sneak in a couple of cheaky solos at Millstone.  Bond Street HVS 5a and Great Portland Street HVS 5b*** where both excellent, but left me with a quick run back to the car to meet the group in the village.  A stunning day for their lead coaching meant everyone sent loads of routes.  Kirtsy and Agnes had taken on loads from Matt on the Saturday, and converted it into quality product.

Agnes and Kirsty styling up Black Hawk Traverse

Today I went back to Woodhouse to finish off Houdini.  A couple of the holds were damp, but manageable. 
After refining a few parts of my sequence, I was psyched to send the problem.  The hardest part is not sitting down at the end.  The big bonus about having sorted the end, is three other problem share that finish.

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