Friday, 24 May 2013

Brownstones Action

After checking the weather and taking in to account child friendly venues, the Brownstones on out.  Tying in driving with nap times worked a treat, and it meant that Elliot and I could get a decent amount done in between Rose watch.  This is a great venue for easy problems upwards, with a good collection of font 7's.

After a few easy problems to warm up, I was pretty happy to onsight PP font 7a+, which is an eliminate based around Pigswill.  Elliot then had a few goes before sending it too.  We did a few more easier problems, got shut down on something a little trickier, before doing Unpinched font 7a+.. Another good eliminate.  I did Big Muff font 7a+ after many goes.  It all came down to a minor hand adjustment, then boom! Sent.  I finished off on sighting Rusty Wall font 6c+, a tricky little number that suits those who love to crimp.

A good day on dry rock, made better by the fact it was lashing down at home.

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