Thursday, 9 May 2013

Catch Up

The last week or so has been a bit hectic, but surprisingly productive.  A lack of internet has meant blogging has not been easy, so here's a catch up.  After putting in a day on Subculture 8a**, I returned to try and redpoint it.  Unfortunately, I was a little under the weather, and it all felt like a little hard work.  It was not a wasted day though, and I managed to lead the route in 2 sections, improving my sequence a little.

I squeezed in an hour at Woodhouse Scar and added a sit start to an existing problem to give a good little font 7a+.  Things are on the up and I managed to redo a few of the 7b+’s I have done before.

A massive mission moving house last weekend with a little too much heavy lifting left me feeling a little tired on Monday when I returned to Kilnsey.  I felt pretty good, but dropped the route 3 times on the last hard move, Gutted!  Felling sorry for myself I went home empty handed, but psyched knowing it should go next go.

Tuesday took me over to Wigan for some work in the morning.  I had a couple of hours before needing to be home, so stopped at Wilton on the way back.  I quickly brushed Perimeter Walk E7 6b* and Beyond the Perimeter E5 6a**, which were quite dirty.  After a spot of lunch, I flashed both routes.  Awesome solos, and a good consolation for the previous day.

Today I returned to Kilnsey for a quick early hit to try and finish off.  I had Rose with me, so the usual warm up was out.  Instead i opted to bolt to bolt and take advantage of the easier upper section to warm up.  This seemed to work ok, and I sent the route next go, PSYCHED!!!!!

It has been a pretty satisfying start to the season so far.  Hopefully it can keep improving!

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