Friday, 26 April 2013

First Day Clipping Bolts and MT Provider Workshop

Yesterday I had my first day sports climbing of the season.  Kilnsey is never an easy venue for me, especially for the first day out.  It did however, workout much better than I expected.  Despite a lack of routes since October, the recent flurry and bouldering seems to have had a positive impact on my ability to pull.  I had no plans to start a project, wanting to stick by my 2 days on a route Max. But as a few things are wet, and I have done the majority of the mid 7's,  I ended up trying Subculture 8a***.

Each year I have avoided the draw of trying to climb 8a, not wanting to lose lots of days on one route.  Getting on this was initially something to struggle on for a day and see how far away I was.  After cleaning it up, all the moves went quicker than expected.  I was even more surprised when I linked the route in two overlapping sections.  For a first session this is very unexpected.  I am really hoping that I can return next week and get the sent.

Today I was at the White Hall Centre for a Mountain Training Provider Workshop.  It was an interesting day with much discussion around the different awards.  The best part of the day for me was the afternoon workshop about working with people with disabilities.  This is very relevant for me at the moment, with the work I'm doing at one centre I TA for.

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