Monday, 8 April 2013

West Nab

Flashing Cling

Yesterday I met Paul up at West Nab to have a mooch around on some easy problems and see what the score was.  I had had an hour up here last year, but it had been damp on most things, so today was the first chance to get stuck in.

I was there a little earlier than Paul, so rattled through a load of easy stuff on the Settee Boulders.  It was nice to send everything first go, the best of which was Bedrest V5 6b. I the can back to the Trig Point Boulders and flashed The Comprehensive Pygmy V6 6b and the other problems on that boulder.  Paul had arrived by this point, so we moved over to the No Access Boulder to do The No Access Mantel V4 and have a  look at Access Denied V10 for future reference.  We both flashed the mantel, then started looking at Access Denied.  'Lets just look at the start'. 'This bit looks alright, let see if we can link that'.  'Lets move this snow'. 'What's the end like'.  Before we knew it we had worked all the moves on the problem and/or linked sections.  The conditions were not the best, so we moved on keen to return.

A bit of a walk took us to the Two Arches Boulders.  Here we whipped through a few problems, Archery V6 6b being the best.  We dropped down to the Painted Numbers Boulder and sent all the problems there as well.  Hours of Practice V6 6b giving a good change of style.  The final boulders we visited were the Slab and Arete Boulders.  Here we flashed Cling V5 6b, then added a left had start to Problem 69 in the Over The Moors guide, called Left Hook V5.  We then worked another problem and got very close, but both ran out of steam to finish it off.  It will be an excellent V8 when we finish it.

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