Monday, 15 April 2013

Weekend Work and Play

This weekend I have been in the Peak visiting friends, then working on Sunday.  On Saturday I took advantage of children's nap times to get a few problems in.  In the morning I went to Burbage North.  It was far too warm to try what I wanted, so made a quick send of Breakfast 7a***, a cool arete.  Then went back to head to the park.  In the afternoon, I went to Higgar Tor and got on The Flying Arete 7a+.  After hitting the top a million times, I went to try something different.  I went and soloed the File VS 4c***, and did Witness the Gritness 7a** after a couple of shots, returning back to the Flying Arete for more frustration.  After hitting the top another million times, I finally stuck it on the Millionth and first time.  Just in time before it started raining.

Yesterday I was running the second day of an SPA Assessment.  We visited Lawrencefield and Millstone, pleasantly surprised by the weather.  Only a few showers through the day meant it was a reasonably nice day.  I successful for day for most, so many happy faces on their way home.

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