Thursday, 4 April 2013

Snowballing Sendage!!

I went down to the Peak today with Ben to try and take advantage of some the Snow ledges that have been kindly put under so routes.  The aim was a quick hit to Stanage, then over to Burbage North.  So classics have seen a lot of attention lately, so would be all chalked up.

Below: A nice sequence of pics for Big Air

We arrived at a very quiet Stanage to find the only climbers there, were folks we knew.  It made sense to join them and warm up, whist having a social.  Ben had done very very little here, so everything was new today.  Quick flashes of Crescent Arete V2/V4 on both sides and then Crescent Slab V6 led us nicely to our reason for being at Stanage.  Big Air E6 6b** was the target.  A crazy problem that would normally have a bad landing, and requires a committing jump and mantel, is at present a cool problem.  I was psyched to go first, and even happier with the onsight.  Ben swiftly flashed it after me.  Breadline V5 was next, and the same treatment followed with an onsight and flash.  Ben then flashed Not To Be Taken Away V4*** before we headed off to Burbage North.

Three Blind Mice, just before I asked for a spot
The aim here was Ai No Corrida E5 6b* and Three Blind Mice E7 6c**.  Andi Turner and mate where already trying Three Blind Mice when we got there, so we joined in.  The sun was making the slopers very unhelpful, so after get to the crux several times we took a break and switched routes.  I was pleasantly surprised to onsight Ai No Corrida, making this a great day regardless of drawing a blank on TBM.  Ben then got it second go.  The sun had been behind the clouds for a little while, so we had a quick bite and tried TBM again.  The difference was unbelievable.  First shot I dropped the crux, putting my foot in the wrong spot to rock up.  Ben then sent it first go.  I then swiftly followed next shot too.  A great end to a day.

Ben flashing Mermaid

Ben wrapped up his day with a flash of Mermaid V6 on the way back to the car.  Sore skin, but great fun!!!

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Ed Bailey said...

Some nice shots there Adam!