Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Bit of Lancashire bouldering

Today I went out with Garry and headed into the depths of Lancashire for a spot of bouldering.   We went to Stanworth Quarry which had a bit of dry stuff towards the right end of the crag.

I did a nice enough 6b+ in the middle section of the the right side on a section that looked more like pex hill, but wetness but us of doing anything else.  We then did a couple of 7a's.  One up a wall to hard manta, and the other up the arete of that wall.  After that we went to the far right and did Backlash S'S 7a which was good, before trying the harder problems.  Fracking 7c+ got the most attention, and I hit the top with my tips on a half hearted effort.  Sure it would go next try, I laid one on and got the hold, but ripped a lot of skin on the razor sharp edge which made me let go.  Pain and blood didn't put me off taping up and trying again, but hitting the top again the discomfort was enough to make me let go.  Next time.
 We then moved on to Knowle Heights where Garry made swift work of Race to Base 7b.  My sore hand and powered out body failed to stick one move which meant no joy today.  Frustrating as the problem was not that hard, just one of those things.

Race to Base

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