Monday, 26 January 2015

Bit of Bouldering

I was feeling a bit knackered yesterday, but thought I'd get out and do something in the afternoon.  A quick hit at Woodhouse would tick the box.  I warmed up on some classics, then did some of the usual problems on the clingen face.  Once warmed up I felt a bit better, so set about extending Rainy Days 7b+.  The new extension climbs Interfacing Angel  Reverse 7c, to then join and finish up the original problem.  It adds a little extra, but the grade stays the same,  Rainy Days Extention 7c.
Making hard moves back around the arete 
I did the sit start to Interface as well which Lee Mac had recently done.  He didn't suggest a grade,  but I thought it was worth 7b+ at least. Not a problem I'll do very often as it's not my thing.  My shoulder is still sore this morning.  I wrapped things up with a nip up an alternative way to start Close to the Edge which bumps it up to 7a+.  A nice session.

Rainy Days Ext from Adam Hughes on Vimeo.

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