Monday, 5 January 2015

Dorsal Arete

Today was very warm.  A complete contrast to yesterday,  but at least it was dry.  We had decided yesterday to have a walk back in to scnl, with the view of doing Dorsal.  It's a great little route and the lack of snow around the apron meant that approaching should be straight forward.   Karen and Rhys made short work of the walk with there lighter bags and we sailed up the route.   After a discussion about what to do next,  we opted for a descent down Broad Gully and back to the car.  This will hopefully recharge them for a bigger day tomorrow. 

Conditions on the route were lean,  with the fin being a rock climb.  The snow that remained on the route was good, with the odd icy patch about. The turf was still frozen for the most part, so hopefully it will improve as the temperature comes down tomorrow. 

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