Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Honey Pot

Today was the first of three days I have with Alex in the gorms.  We opted to head into Sneachda to see what things are like.  The answer is excellent.  The recent snow has transformed it into perfect mixed conditions. It's a little hard going in places, as there was no consolidated snow on ledges to aid those pulls onto round gorms ledges.

Heading up the first pitch of Honey Pot 
The walk in was hard going by gorms standards.  Straight into a brisk wind and braking trail the whole way. There is a fair amount of winds lab around, but not all where you would expect it.

We climbed Honey Pot IV, 6** to see where Alex was at.  A good route with some sustained sections at the grade.  We dropped back down and did Hidden Chimney Direct IV, 5 as well. After discussion, we opted to not do a third route and save some energy for a trip into Lochain tomorrow. 

Hidden Chimney Direct 
Alex at the top of Hidden Chimney Direct 
A great day, but we are hoping the wind drops away tomorrow. 

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