Monday, 20 December 2010

Ben Nevis Weekend

This weekend I have been running a Ben Nevis Walking course for Maximum Adventure. Saturday we headed up on to Aonach Mor to cover some skills and get the guys prepered for the Ben on Sunday. The snow conditions were perfect for practising step kick, cramponing and sliding around. We added in skills as we journied around to the Nid with the veiw of heading up onto the top. Unfortunately after covering loads of skills and getting halfway up the Nid Ridge Mike's crampon fell apart. I could not fix it there and then, so we headed down and back round to the station to review the day. Timings worked out ok in the end.

Yesterday We walked up the Ben in stunning weather (not the Norm), to bask in the sun and take in the veiws.

Both days we came across areas of wind slab, but saturdays was more concerning as it was on the scoured aspects. There were pocket collected in dips and drainage features due to cross loading. This should be kept in mind when out and about over the coming week.

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