Thursday, 9 December 2010

Irish Winter

Had a report from Ireland about the early winter action. Thanks Colm.

Hi Adam, Hope alls well with you. Been drooling over the Welsh pics on the blog this morning..they look fantastic!!

Luckily, i've been fairly quiet in the last week so have gotten out a couple of times with some lads from Cork (unfortunately Dave was stuck in Dublin with bad roads and lots of work!).

Last wednesday we took a trip to the Comeraghs in the Southeast...a very small range of hills but with four amazing coums (corries). There has been very little climbing recorded in winter here and there are literally hundreds of lines to be done so we were hoping to put up a new route or two. Unfortunately when we got to our objective (a 400m gully in one of the coums -looks about a IV ish) after much faffing about we realised it was too late so we took an easier and shorter line close by. It was probably a III overall as there were a few mixed bits on it. Nice day out but we were a bit disappointed we didnt get the gully done. I think i need about two weeks off!!

On sunday i went with the same lads to climb the Lick on Corran Tuathail (The Reeks- South West). I did this with Dave last year - its a 350/400m G III snow/ice route on the NE face and its a brilliant day out. We started late but made progress quickly and topped out at sunset with some amazing views... On tuesday, the lads took me to a crag they found last year called the Ice Monster. Its in the Comeraghs aswell (Southeast). A beautiful, wide icefall with we reckon about at least ten good routes from GIII to infinity! We found the ice was a wee bit thin on a couple of the lines we were hoping to do, so we climbed a line that the lads put up in January that had well formed ice the whole way up. A lovely GIII two-pitcher with loads of variety. Had some fun abseiling down the crag after looking at possible lines....great day and not another person in sight! The possibilities here are endless once we get the conditions. There has been reports from Donegal too of amazing conditions and again not a soul in sight. Unfortunately we're due a thaw in the next couple of days so that'll probably wipe a lot of it out but another cold spell forecast next week so hopefully that'll do the trick. I have myself primed to take a few days off if its good next week and Dave is champing at the bit to get down so hopefully we'll have some more sport and a bit more news for you then...

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