Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lancashire Ice Take 2

Above: Short fall on Green's Clough forming well. I managed to climb the right hand side onto the icicle today.

Having a bit of free time today, and having had to cancel climbing tomorrow with Martin in the lakes, I was keen to check out a few more places locally to see if there where any other nice bits of ice to climb. I went back to Ratten Clough which I climbed on Monday to see how the lower fall was coming along. This is still a while away, but could form if the weather continues for another week or so. There were 5 teams on the top fall of Ratten clough when I walked up. This is now fatter and more solid than Monday, and is taking screws from those that would prefer to lead it (as the teams today). I quickly nipped up this and walked across the moor to the top fall of Green's Clough marked on the map. Unfortunatley, this stream is a bit more sheltered and not freezing as quickly. Also, the upper falls are more like boulder problems in hieght. There where the odd climbable bits, but another week or so is needed to freeze properly. The lower falls in this clough are the better ones. I was also rewarded for my efforts today with a surprisingly nice ice curtain on one of the sides of the Clough. This had formed from icicles combining down a seepage line out of the ground. It was about 6m ish high and vertical for 2/3 of its length. I think it would take protection on the left hand line I climbed up the wider section. The right hand side was very narrow, but could be protected by the odd screw or Bulldog. Both lines around Grade IV,5 ish (this is a guess, my grading is rubbish).

Above: 6m Ice Curtain, Good climbing but scary exits.

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