Thursday, 24 March 2011

CIC Week

This week was meant to be a good week in the CIC climbing classics, a great way to finish my season up here. Unfortunately, a gastro virus has killed me off early, but it started well.

We walked up Sunday evening with our heavy bags for the week, thankfully the bus blocking the track had been moved (good work Bruce and Tony), so we only had to walk from the top car park. The weather forecast for the week had turned to the less than perfect one (warm but dry), but I was still hopeful we would get loads done. After discussing aims etc. We had a plan for the next day.

Monday: Warm, windy and dry. Having spoke to a few folks I had good knowledge that a walk up Observatory Gully would bring results. We broke trail up to Observatory Buttress with the view of climbing the direct, but it was to thin so went for the original. The ice was very wet due to the snow melt running over it, but did offer plastic ice all the way up this 3 star classic. We made short work of the route and navigated down to the abseil posts in a good white out and back to the hut. a good start.

Tuesday: Warm, windy and wet. Again we walked up Observatory Gully less than hopeful. The rain and wind were stripping things in rapid fashion sending ice and rocks down for good measure. After a quick look at Hadrian's we ran away and went up Tower Ridge. This was bare up the starting chimney, then very icy after, there where even places you could have placed ice screws on the route. It had cleared to be a nice day by mid day, so we could see the damage the weather from the morning had done. It was pretty bad. I had heard and seen ice falling down all day so was not surprised at the effects. Hadrian's, Indicator, Smith's had all held in there and the Point looks awesome, except for the big things still hanging above it. Looking up into Corie na Ciste we could see that lots of the high routes still looked in good shape, but again cornices are the concern. Day 2 in the bag and another Classic.

Wednesday: No longer care about the weather. My Wednesday starts at approx. 1:30am with stomach cramps that keep me awake. By 2:30am I am violently sick, but at least there are 3 others in my situation as well. Being ill and looking into a long drop does not help settle your stomach, I could even say it makes things seem worse. By 9am I have nothing left to come out, even though my body insists on trying as I walk back down to the car park. A long story short, down, visit to doctors, 2 injections and a prescription and a lot of sleep later and I have finally eaten again. Dried toast never tasted so good.

Hopefully the folks left in the hut will be well and take advantage of the better weather today and Friday. Thanks to the folks from the Fell and Rock Club that also had to come down for the lift to Alan's. I am psyched to leave my bed today and might make a redpoint attempt on the living room.

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