Sunday, 6 March 2011

York Alpine Club Snowcraft Day

Today was my second day with folks from YAC. The aim of the day was to look at and use a range of snow belays. We walked up to the Fiaciall Corie Cas which had very firm snow and a steep headwakk, perfect for what we wanted to cover. Once everyone had dug themselves a bucket seat and buried axe, it was time to pitch up a steeper slopes. We kept them short to maximise the digging, and force everyone to belay on the steepest section of the slope.

Once we had topped out it was time kook at descent. We used bollards to manage ourselves down the steep section in 2 abseils. This gave each team the challenge of safeguarding themselves whislt cutting a new bollard.

To finish the day we had a quick look at holding a leader fall in a bucket and belaying dynamically.

A great day and very productive.

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