Friday, 11 March 2011

Compression Cracks

Above: Me leading crux

After our new route yesterday, we were in the market for a bit of steep ice. Compression seemed a winner as we walked in, but was less than perfect when on it. The ice was old and coming away in chunks on the steep sections. Depite this, the lads had a great time and were again put through their passes (as requested). There was a sizable avalanche out of Castle South Gully whilst we climbed as well. We bailed off after the first steep pitch, then picked a safe way down looking at avalanche stuff as we went. Despite some wild weather it was a great day.

Above & Below: Dave and Colm enjoying the ming

Campbell joined us, but John and Andy climbed Faulty Towers. There were teams on South West Ridge of the boulder, Vanishing (which avalanched above), Hadrian's and Orion.

Above: Campbell approaching a belay

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