Friday, 18 March 2011

Where The Mood Takes Me

Above: Crimping hard on Where the Mood Takes Me E5 6a*

I had a day to myself today after a good stretch of work and was hoping for a nice lay in. Unfortunately I was up early (I'm in the routine), so got up and out up the Glen before the weather came in. I walked to upper Simitar and had a look at Where The Mood Takes Me E5 6a*. This is the only route on that buttress I had not done, so thought it would fill an hour. I abseiled down to make sure it was clean and had a look at the moves. It seemed ok, so I gave it a bash. Sequencey climbing leads through the crux to a straight forward top out. A nice route, good solo and finished before the rain.

Above: Working through the Crux

I will be in the CIC hut from Sunday till Friday, so limited updates till then.

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