Thursday, 3 March 2011

Rease Heath College

This week I have been working with Rease Heath College again in the Gorms. A total change in the weather this week, with wall to wall sunshine for 3 days this week we managed to get a lot done. We started the week with a skills session in Sneachda and a journey up the goat track around to 1141. The next day was about a journey. We made an ascent of the Fiaciall Ridge and traveresed Lochain, where we looked at approaching an edge. To finish the day we walked back the the Rothemurcis Lodge.

Yesterday we went into the ciste to look at snow belays and anchors. After a long stretch of snow (and many buckets later) we topped out. We then covered bollards as a means of descent. Another good day.

Today we walked back into Sneachda and climbed Aladdin's Couloir to finish the week on a high. Topping out at 11:30, we then cruised up to the top of Cairngorm before heading for hot chocolate. A great week in all.

Some pics to come.

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