Thursday, 10 May 2012

Spamface FA

After a visit to a wet Mythom Steep Quarry to look at The Cat Test, which looks a solid E6 to flash, I went for Plan B.  This was a revisit to the Hidden Boulder at Heptonstall to do Paul's problem Scar Chips V7. After a good brush the damp was gone and it was time to get stuck in.  I had tried this at the end of my last visit, but could not unlock the key to the big reach.  Armed with Paul's beta it was still a massive move, but after a few goes, success!
Breaking out of the roof on the FA Spamface
Aesome cross through

Getting established on the sloppers

Cheeky use on the heel to improve the sloppers

Working hard to finish up Pramface

We had talked about another problem traversing the sloping roof lip to finish up Pramface, so I got stuck into this.  This turned out to have some awesome moves to link from the sit start of Scarface, across the lip and up Pramface to give Spamface V6.  It made sense to add the same extention of Scarface to this problem as well to give Spamface Extention V6/font 7a.  The only thing left as to extend Scar Chips.  I did the by starting up Pramface to the lip of the roof, traversing that right to gain the chips and finishing up Scar Chips.  This gave Scar Chips Extention V7/8 font 7a+/b.  I started to do them all again to get some pics, but the rain came after the first one.

Nevermind as a good few hours were had.

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