Saturday, 26 May 2012


Moving across the roof of Angel Deelite
I had my first visit to Woodwell today, but only had a couple of hours.  As a result I went to Cave Buttress and tried send as many good problems as I could in the time I had.  After doing a couple of easy problems to warm up, I got stuck into Angel Deelite V6/7a and the Left Hand V7/7a+.  Both were cool problems.  I then did Superstar DJ Tin Pot Todd V7/7a+, another good problem with one hard move to start and another to finish.  Running out of time, I wrapped up my session doing Fat Boy V4/6c. 
Setting up to start the crux

Painful finger lock on Superstart DJ

This still of climbing is not my thing, being steep and powerful.  Therefore, I will be back, as it will be a great place to work my weaknesses.

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