Sunday, 16 December 2012

Angel's Crossing and Shopping

Angel's Crossing

I made a long way around journey to Asda this morning, so I could get a quick hour in at Woodhouse.  There is still a project, that to my knowledge has not been done.  So I thought I would have a look, as the harder eliminate on the Sheriff really highlights a weakness that needs major work.  It was a little damp first thing, so after warming up on the easy Clingen Face Eliminates, I had a look at the project.  The crux involves some big moves on poor edges, but with no real help from your feet to start.  I didn't have long, so knowing I have already done the start, and the crux needs a lot of work, I looked at the end.  When I looked in the guide it finished up the end of a eliminate I had missed, Angel's Crossing V6 6b*/font 7a.  I was pretty happy when I flashed this, so it's just the nails middle section that needs sorting.  It is an open project in the Cameron Duff guide, which starts climbing a V9/font 7b+, then traverses via big moves on poor holds, to finish up the meat of a V6/font 7a eliminate.

Worth a look.

A short vid

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