Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ticking Over on the Eliminates

Elliot needed a short day, so it was back to Woodhouse.  After warming up on a good range of problems on cave buttress, we headed to the Sheriff boulder.  We got stuck into an eliminate on the Sheriff which does not use the crack, but everything else.  The Deputy font 7b+, is a worthwhile problem in its own right.  A few shots, and I slapped my way over the top.  Elliot got very close, but the last move proved too awkward.  We then had a burn on Mango font 7c, but the final moves are still proving hard to climb into.
Pulling hard on the Deputy

By this time Gary had turned up and reacquainted himself with the Sheriff, and got very close to the Deputy.  As Ben and Alister arrived we moved back over to Cave buttress.  Here I climbed the Low Low Traverse font 7a+ to show those that had not done it, where it went.  I then did the other font 7a+ eliminate that goes straight up.  Everyone sent large, before 3 of us moved on to Angel Face.  Alister wanted to do Angel Face font 7b+, and did so quite quickly with helpful tips from Ben and I.  Ben tried the Eliminate and got very close, but the shoulder press was proving too burly today.

As I left, the 2 youths, were trying to use all the daylight hours as they headed back to work on something else.

The Video shows Alister's smooth ascent of Angel Face and my floundering finish on the Deputy.

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