Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sometimes it's just a struggle

Morrell's Traverse

I met up with Dan and John at Almscliff today with high hopes after recent outings.  Things felt ok warming up on a range of easy routes and problems, but it was soon evident that it was not my day when I tried a little harder.  Some of the trickier problems I fancied as quick ticks, gave me a quick kicking.  Feeling hard done by, we went to some old favourites.  After falling off The Doplhin Belly Slap a couple of times, the toys were ejected from the pram.  Once I put my dumby back in, and climbed it properly, things started to look up.  After a first go send of Demon Wall Roof, I was happy again and started thinking bigger.  I made good progress on Demon Wall Roof Left Hand V9 font 7c, falling off the last hard move before I can stand up and finish.  This happened a few times, running out steam we moved on, but it should go next time.  We then went and made a quick ascent of Patta's Arete V6 font 7a.  I dropped the onsight when my heel slipped off, but got it next shot.
Dan working hard on Patta's Arete

We wrapped the day up with a few easy classics as the light started to fade.  a great day.

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