Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Crucifixion and The Worm


I was up early with Rose this morning, so got out early to make the most of the cold morning.  Was at the Bridies, warming up became the hardest part of the day, with the temp at -1 degrees.  A few problems later, Hot aches out of the way, it was time to try and send some unfinished business, Crucifixion V9/font 7c***.  With only my mats today, they had to be strategically placed.  This also would give me the impetus to man up fully and go for it.  Thankfully, this is exactly what happened.  I got very close on the first go, but nailed it second try today.  The big difference being where my heel was, and getting an intermediate hold to help bridge the gap.
A clue to how it gets it's name

Awesome moves

Spotting the holds

Super psyched, I turned my attention to the long version of The Worm V10.font 7c+ on the Tilted Pinnacle.  Having done most of the problems on here, especially the one that shares the same end.  I was hopeful I might get it done quickly.  The fact that conditions were good, and the style of the climbing in the hard section suits me, went in my favor.  Once I had worked out the crux moves to join the arete and link all that, I was held off for far long by the final moves.  A mixture of gritty holds and failing arms looked like it was going to ruin what had been a perfect morning.  After chilling in the sun, and taking a good long break, I thought I had a couple more good efforts in me.  I was very happy and surprised when I swung my right foot around on to the slab and rocked over to finish, YEAH!!!!!

It has been fantastic to see the effort I have been putting in to improve my bouldering paying off.  I am by no means a finished article, but if I pic my problems I have a chance.

I managed to get some good shots before my camera batteries gave up.

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