Monday, 17 January 2011

Mountaineering Day 1

Above: Central Buttress of Corie nan Lochain

This week I am working with Conrad who is doing a mountaineering course. I headed back into Lochain today as I knew from being there so much last week I could tick all the boxes for today's skills day. The snow had firmed up nicely in places, which made sliding good fun today as well as good to teach. We then went for a journey around the corie to look at using crampons on a mix of terrain. It was eventually time to head down, but we covered loads and had a great day.

It snowed most of the day on and off, heavy at times on a moderate wind. The buttresses looked in great condition to climb, but there may be the odd loose bit about as there was on some of the rocky bits in the corie floor.
Above & below: Conrad showing good trunk rotation to aid his spin before applying his self arrest.

Above: Conrad enjoying full winter conditions as we moved through some mixed ground.

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