Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Zigzags and Alpine Weather

Today was the best on paper for the week and the amount of snow around was limiting our options, so we descided to look at the upper end of Scottish winter mountaineering. To do this we headed up to the Zigzags. This gave us lots to talk about. The dangerous icy footpath on the way in, the blurry line between mountaineering and climbing, as well as the route itself and all the skills requires to make your way up it, and descend the mountain safely. It was great to see them all put the skills we covered yesterday into proper use and a bit further. Not to mention the truely stunning day, only mard by the deep wading in places. After walking out down the Lochain path which was very icy low down. A great day and lots to take into the rest of the week.

There is a massive amount of unconsolidated snow around 700m and above which will become a problem over the next few days as the temp goes up and the wet weather that's forecasted moves in. Take care.

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