Monday, 10 January 2011

Skills Day on Aonach Mor

I eventually made it to Aonach Mor to meet up with my winter mountaineering group after being towed out of the lodges be Mr Kimber (big thanks Alan). We walked (swam) over to by the Nid and were pleasantly surprised by what we could cover with a bit of digging. After a bit of sliding, step kicking and cramponing we had a little journey back to the station finding bits of ice as we went.

There is a lot of snow about. it was deep, but fine where we were today, but I can imagine it is exciting higher up. Take care out there.

Campbell was out with Alan Kimber and Adam today and climbed a route on Gearr Aonach and came back down the zigzags.

Fingers crossed it will be easier to get to work tomorrow.

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