Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Winter Mountaineering Day 3

Above & Below: Conrad working hard digging his first bucket seat and then enjoying it.

The aim today was to cover more skills, specifically snow anchors and have an easier day. We headed around to the Nid Ridge, covering loads of step kicking and cutting in the firm/hard snow. This was a perfect progression from the softer snow on Monday and helped cerment the skills a bit more. We then decided to start digging. First up bucket seats. After working off some of our cooked breakfast with these, we moved on to axe. Once Conrad had got these sorted, we looked at pitching using these techniques. He soon worked out why I was saying that you want to avoid entering into this process. At the top of the ridge we cut a bollard and abseiled over the edge to see how it all works, then picked our way down. Again the hard snow gave Conrad the chance to really work his footwork in crampons. Another good day, with much learned.

Above: picking his way up the ridge

Above: Committing to the bollard and about to go over the edge.

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