Thursday, 20 January 2011

Winter Mountaineering Day 4

Above: Walking from Gearr Aonach to Lochain

Today was forecast to be the best of the week, so we had a journey in mind. We went back into Glencoe and headed to the Zigzags. These don't really have any snow on them at the moment, but still offer a challenge as there is a bit of ice and verglass on them. Conrad led us up to the summit, which gave him the chance to put into practise some of the ropework we had covered this week without the extra stress of dealing with snow as well. Once up, we cruised along the ridge and into Lochain made for Dorsal Arete. I took over here and we made a rapid ascent, then walked down Broad Gully. A stunning Day.

Above & Below: Dorsal Arete

Below: Descending Broad Gully

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