Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Bit of Ilkley

I went up to Ilkley today with the Wif and Tess (a dog we borrow) to get out and do something. It was really windy so we walked over to the rocky valley and climbed Flake Route Severe***. I would say the extreme polish has ruined this route and the wind didn't help either. We bailed back to the Cow for a spot of bouldering, but was not on fire with whist my back is recovering. I had a bash on Ron's traverse V6, but came off on the last hard move every time. I need a bit of local knowledge I reckon and this will be easy. My spotter was now busy away with Tess, so I arranged the mat and gave Baby Spice E5 6c/V7 a bash. Reaching the last hard move I couldn't commit when I realised the mat had been moved by the wind. Fighting hard i managed to reverse back to the ground, so saved the flash.

Above: V3 6b near the Cow

Finished the session off with a few easy problems then headed back to soak in the bath and spend the next few days recovering. Frustrating process.

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