Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Poor Show at Stoney

Above: Ian on Padme

I met up with Tony and Ian at Stoney today with the aim of ticking a few more classics. Things started ok, with Tony leading Minus Ten HVS 5a* with its perfect steep jams. Ian then led Padme HVS 5a* in good style. I was psyched for Bubbles Wall E4 6b** and was feeling pretty good, how wrong I was. A long story short I failed. The crux went fine, but I was still very tired from the weekends activities which meant I could not recover on route. I found myself at the most run out point with one tricky move left knowing I was too tired to just push on and then recover. I managed to reverse to the thread at least then lowered off. It is pretty frustrating when the climbing is not that hard, but my general tiredness stopped me dead. I was a gutted and decided to head home early and miss the traffic. Hopefully Ian had better luck on Dead Banana crack E1 5c***.

Below: Ian on Padme

Fingers crossed a couple of days rest should see me back to normal.

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