Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ben Nevis Ice

Yesterday I went up to the Ben with Matt and Ben to do a bit of mileage on some easy ice routes.  They are both preparing for the guides winter test, so we had hopes to get a couple of things done.

Ben started us off up Comb Gully Buttress IV,5** which was in good condition, and had some nice climbing.  We then nipped down No. 3 Gully and Matt shot up Winter Cascade IV,5**.  This is not often in condition, so was a nice tick to do.  It was then down No. 2 Gully and back up Comb Left Flank IV,5**, which again had some great climbing on it.  This was day 14 out of the last 15, and I could definitely feel it, so a well earned rest day today as the temperature goes up.

Other teams climbed the same range of routes that have been in over the last week.  Ice is forming fast and the Curtain was coming back quickly, so fingers crossed the warm weather passes quickly.

I have deleted my pics by accident sorry.

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