Monday, 30 January 2012


After working the weekend Matt and I were keen to get a route in today.  We opted for Lochain as a lay in and short walk in were key to the day.  The wind was stronger than forecast and wind blown snow was evident on the path, so we were aware that getting to the route could be interesting.  After some weaving around we started climbing at a leisurely time (after 10am), and Matt was straight in.  Ventricle VII,8*** has no easy pitches.  Originally graded VII,9, it has short but fierce pitches that are steep and committing.

Matt powering up pitch 1
Getting stuck into pitch 2

Thin moves on pitch 2

Matt starting up pitch 3

Wild conditions on pitch 3
Involved in pitch 4
Matt coming up the offwidth of Pitch 4
The weather meant that we had the full winter experience today.  My eyes even started to rime up and freeze shut at one point.  The amount of snow being moved today was massive, so a lot of care should be used if you are out and about.

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