Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Soggy Ben Nevis

Craig and I walking into the Ben today to cover some snowcraft.  There has been a lot of snow lost to the weather over the last few days, but there is still a reasonable amount in the main gully lines and in the hugh cories.  We started off underneath Carn dearg buttress digging some bucket seats and testing them out.  After a butty, we moved up into No.5 Gully which still has a massive amount of avalanche debris through the bottom.  Here up near the steepening, we then pitched up using bucket seats and buried axes.  We then looked at retreat, using snow bollards, before making are way back down.

A group of folks climbed ledge route and Paddy and his guys climbed Green Gully which he said was pretty good climbing, but the ice was not good enough for screws.

I was too busy chatting and left my axe on the wall of the hut.  If anyone picks this up please let me know and will arrange to pick it up in exchange for a bottle of wine.

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