Monday, 9 January 2012

Winter Mountaineering

Today was the first day of Craig's winter mountaineering course and the forecast was pretty good.  We walked up into Lochain to cover a range of footwork and axe skills.  The snow was very mixed, so some aspects of kicking steps were not easy to cover.  After a touring around the apron, we settled on the East side to start sliding around.  To finsih our day we took a walk up Forked Gully I and around the top of the corie before dropping back down to the path.

There were teams on Dorsal Arete, NC Gully and Twisting Gully, but thongs were pretty thin.

Matt and Emma climbed Thompson's Route and Comb Gully on the Ben, but there was water running down the ice in places.

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Guy Steven said...

Who's thongs were pretty thin?? ;-)