Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Bucket Seats

We went back into Corie an t Sneachda today to try and re enforce the skills covered yesterday by picking our way up 0.5 Gully.  The snow was bullet hard in most places, some the aim was to try and find natural anchors to keep things moving.  Inevitably, a few Bucket seats had to be dug.  I had said yesterday that by the end of the 3 days they would be good at it, and would also try and avoid getting into the situation where they would have to do it again.  They agreed today.  Once we had topped out we navigated our way around the top of the corie and to 1141m, then down the ridge.

Wild weather in 0.5

They wind was wild again today, but it has improved climbing conditions on the buttresses.  There was a lot of ice and rime forming fast, leaving many option for routes today.  The Gully lines are very thin, with the top of Jacob's looking like a mixed route.

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