Sunday, 8 January 2012

Twisting Gully

Yesterday was the final day of Karen and Rhys's intro climbing course and the forecast was pretty reasonable to get another route in.  We made good time on the walk into Stob Corie nan Lochain, but slowed a little as we put the track in to the route.  With the wind coming from the West, I was expecting a good winter experience to end the week.  We were not let down as spindrift piled down the route.  Karen and Rhys were not as entusiastic about as me about getting dumped on, but still enjoyed the day.

The wind had started to dump a lot of snow on those Eastely aspects, and some cornices were building fast and soft.  There were other teams out on Reaburn's Route, Dorsal, and Boomerang.  Another team came up behind us after bailing off SC Gully I think.  The ice that was on the route was not very good, and made the climbing on steeper sections trickier than it should be.

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