Saturday, 12 January 2013

Conditions Update

West Coast

Matt was in the Lost Valley today and commented that the snow was very firm, but the old snow had reduced.  The new snow is not significant in quantity at the moment, which is good as the turf is not frozen.

John took a trip on to the Ben hoping that things had come in much better the Thursday, but was disappointed to see the buttresses had still not managed to improve.  They made the most of their day taking in Green Gully and another easy gully.  The ridges are looking far more wintery, and there are routes being climbed.  Good Friday Climb III,Glover's Chimney III,4, Thompson's Route IV,4, Gargoyle Wall/Babylon VI/VII and the easy gullies, along with the ridges have all been climbed.

There is a fresh dump of snow expected Sunday, which might improve things as long as the turf firms up.  I noticed on Thursday that the cracks were icy low on the route, but drier high up where it had not been as wet.


The Gorms has seen a flurry of ascents of the easy gullies again, and the old snow is bullet hard.  The is a good layer of verglass about, so care will be needed with gear.  In Lochain the usual cove up by Y Gully is offering the best conditions. Savage Slit, Overseer Direct, Hoarmaster and Head Hunter all being climbed.  Some of the easier Lochain offering have been climbed as well.  Milky Way, Ventilator and Ewan Buttress.

In Sneachda the gullies have been busy and Fiaciall has given a little to to do as well. Invernookie being the obvious option tooked deep in the corner.

Hopefully the snow will help things along, and I might actual get my first route of the year in.

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