Thursday, 24 January 2013

Da Ladies Send Large on Crest Route!

A nice and white Crest Route
With the family now back down the road till mid feb, it was time to get back out in the cold.  I walked up into SCNL with Freda and Lena this morning with the aim of pushing them on a tricky mixed route. Crest Route V,6*** is pretty high in the grade, and was looking in very good shape.  The crag is well rimed, which makes climbing a little slower, but the cracks were pretty friendly on our route.

Picking a way up Pitch 2
Lena lovin' the mixed
 After romping up the 1st easy pitch, it was into 2 very good pitches of sustained climbing.  Positive all the way, but awkward at times.  Both Freda and Lena brushed pitch 2 aside with little trouble, and seemed to be doing the same with the third until the crux.   This crux at the top of the 3rd pitch is the only spot that needed some cunning.  Clever torquing allowing access to the groove and bomber hooks above.  This did slow the ladies downs, but not for too long.  Freda edging her way up, while Lena wanted lowering back down to do the whole section cleanly, which see did very well.  A quick romp to the top and down the ridge to see are hoovered line up the crag.
Hoovering up the route
Freda focused as she approaches the crux

Happy at the top!
Other teams climbed Scabbard Chimney, Chimney Route, Tilt and Central Grooves.  There was also plenty of ice around on the walk in, which is good for a play on.

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