Thursday, 17 January 2013


Donald enjoying great conditions and climbing

Yesterday Matt and Donald took a deep walk up to Lost Valley Buttress and climbed Neanderthal VII,7***.  Matt said that is was an outstanding route and in great condition.  The lack of moisture has meant the first pitch is more challenging than normal, as it had a few loose blocks that needed care. Another fine effort by them both.  Donald had also climbed Agag's Groove VII,6*** the day before.


the ginge said...

we did it the day after, absolutely fantastic route!, I would agree about the blocks on the first pitch, they were pretty scary and required a lot of care, was it your bull dog in situ on the 3rd pitch? we spent a while trying to remove it as it looked brand new but seemed pretty stuck!

Adam Hughes said...

That is Donald's. Don't think it is coming out any time soon.

Shopnerkotha said...

When it comes to Mountain climbing, moutaineering or any adventure, I consider myself a conservative, calcualted risk taker. I have never seen a summit or a challenge that was worth my life. My adventures are always viewed in light of wanting to make it back home alive, first and formost.