Monday, 14 January 2013


SCNL this morning
Matt and I headed into SCNL this morning to do our first route of the season.  I have climbed a couple of snowy/icy things with work, but have not managed a day out personal climbing yet.  We were not sure how the turf would be, so opted for a good, but not too difficult route.  Tilt VI,7*** was the perfect option to get the mixed brain working.  The first pitch was not too plastered, but after that we were digging our way up the  route.  Thankfully the snow is very powdery, so was reasonably easy to clear.  The climbing was excellent throughout, sustained for the first two pitches, after which it eased a little.  Well worth doing.

Matt leading pitch 1

Chimney action at the top of pitch 1
Tricky roof on pitch 2

Pretty wild

More digging on Pitch 3
There is a lot of fresh snow come down, and we saw a good size powder avalanche come out of Twisting Gully.  A lot of soft cornice was forming quickly, so a bit of care is needed.

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james picksley said...

Cool! Good work you pair! Awesome.

James and Siobhan