Monday, 7 January 2013

The Mighty Runnel

Looking up from half way

Today was the start of Karen and Rhys's 5 day climbing course.  With temperature still tropical, things are limited until the things cool down mid week.  I had it on good authority that there were a few gully options over East, so we ventured that way today.  An extremely quiet corie, meant we had the Runnel to ourselves. the snow was much better than I have been experiencing on the West, and there was even some pleasant ice about.  The chimney section at the top has patchy ice and nice mixed, but the exit is now a little loose and requires a lot of care.  It will firm up again when the temperature comes down, but is probably now, best avoided till it fills in again.

Wet but still having fun!!

We made the most of being alone to do loads of pitches and refresh things from last year.  There is no excuses now for when the conditions improve.

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