Monday, 10 October 2011

SPA Training

Over the weekend I have been working on a SPA Training Course in the Peak for DaN Mckinlay.

 Day 1 was spent at Stanage where we covered all the aspects of personal climbing, management and professionalism.  Despite the weather, everyone led routes from Diff to Severe and seemed to enjoy themselves.  There was also an evening session at the Foundry, which covers the use of climbing walls with groups etc.

Day 2 was all about groups.  The small bay at Lawrencefield give an excellent venue for this, with its easy access and self contained area.  We managed to cover all the rigging for climbing and the problem solving before the rain started.  But had to suffer a little whilst we worked through the abseil section.

Overall, the weekend was successful and everyone commented they had a lot to take away.

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