Friday, 28 October 2011

Woodland Ecology

The plan today was to return to Hawkcliffe, which should have stayed dry as all the rain was coming from the west.  I met Elliot there. but Tony was running late, so we walked up to see if it was dry.  As we approached we were greeted to a dry Emerald Buttress basking in the morning sun, RESULT!!

Elliot Flashing Woodland Ecology
Tony on RIP
This is my 11th day out of the last 15 climbing, so being pretty tired I had one route in mind for the day and anything else would be a bonus.  I abseiled down to brush off the leaves and check is was not too damp.  It was dry and there were less leaves than I had thought there would be. but still enough.  Woodland Ecology E5 6a**, the last of the tricky routes on the buttress that I had left to do, is mostly slabby, so I just got on with it.  The route starts as for Ginny Greenteeth to the ramp and gear (which is very good once you get a good cluster in).  Here it traverse rightwards to finish up the easy upper arete of The Blood on the Shamrock.  Elliot also flashed the route and we both agreed that it felt more E3/4 5c.  The moves are straight forward and right next to the gear.  We compared it to Lazy Friday E4 5c at Wilton which we thought was similar in difficulty, but much move serious than Woodland.

 Elliot had cleaned RIP E1 5b* which follows a thin crack up a cool little groove.  We had done this as Tony arrived, so we pointed him at and he dispatched it in style.  We then moved over to the Prow where Tony led Squirrel Crack E1 5b***, which he loved by the whoop! at the top.  Elliot wanted to toprope Driveby E6 6b***, as he thought this might suit his strengths after belaying me on Wednesday.  It was a bit damp today, so he gave it a brush and I took advantage of this and Tony, leading it again to get some pics.  The routes was ok, but the top out was pretty damp.  Elliot climbed the route well, but I was gutted that at 6'2 he could reach past the crux and make it 5c ish.  The top out was a bit much today, so it is one to return for.  As the rope was up I had a burn on Charlie Don't Surf E8 6c***.  I was very surprised when I made it to the peg straight off and then linking through to do the route in 2 first go.  I left it at that.  Don;t want to get too involved  as I might get crazy thought about leading it.

Tony well into Squirrel Ceack
Making the crux move on Driveby
The Jug
Thin moves to finish
 We wrapped the day up with Tony leading Syrett's Slit E1 5b* a quality, steep offwidth.  Another great day at Hawkcliffe and no one else about, shame!

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