Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Edelrid Summer Kit Drop

It is always nice when you get new shiny kit.  I am more than happy to get my Edelrid kit drop as the summer is getting into full flow.  There are updated replacement for my Merlin 8.0mm half ropes, Creed harness and Typhoon velcro shoes.  As well as some new clothing that is a little less green than I normally go for.  There are however some of the newer products in this drop worth mentioning.

First up is the Atmosphere harness.  This is a light weight harness that uses Edelrids 3D Vent Technology.  It does not have a traditional padded waist belt or even a laminated one.  Instead it uses a thin webbing over an extremely light vented form.  Put this together with the 3 dimensional construction, and you have a super light and comfortable performance harness.  This is the slimmer version, and 2 others exist which are not as stripped back, the Cyrus and Orion which is fully adjustable.

Next up is the Typhoon Lace which is also new for 2013.  These are actually my second pair as I did the samples testing last year.  I thought the laces would not really make much difference, but was wrong.  They add that little bit extra to the adjustability when you what to get them super tight all the way down to your toes.  Something a slipper or velcro shoe just can't quite do.  Like the Typhoon Velro, this has been a great all round shoe for me.  Whether on steep routes, edgy wall or techy gritstone slabs.

A big addition to my rack this year is the Aramid Cord Sling 6mm.  With the discussions around regarding dyneema and nylon slings.  Along with the testing and video from DMM, these will be a great addition for both work and play.  They work great as normal slings, but ever better when knotting them up or when extending belay plates abseilling etc.  Light weight too.

The final new addition for me is the new for 2013 Nineteen G quickdraw set.  With each carabiner weighing 19.5g, the first to break the 20g barrier, enough said.  The entire quickdraw weighs a mere 45g, Awesome.

You can find more info on these product on the Edelrid website, just click on the Edelrid logo on the right.

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