Sunday, 9 June 2013

Trowbarrow Bouldering

Despite being a bit knackered from Fridays antics and Summit Quarry, I took the chance to go to Trowbarrow on Saturday, whilst Granma and Granpop looked after Rose.  It would be a lie if I said the shelterstone is my style, so it was not surprising I really struggled on Pit Problem 7b+.  It took far more goes than it should have, but I am just poor at this style and angle.  I could blame it on being tied, but that would be a cop out too.  In the end it was a slappy and out of control ascent, but an ascent none the less.  I gave up on the low start, one for another day.
Pit Problem not looking that steep!

It is though!!!!

I took shelter and retreated from the steepness to Red Wall.  Here I sent around 25 problems, the highlights were Shallow Grave font 7a+, Dead Man Walking (short version) font 7b and the full traverse that equates to a sport grade of 7b/+.  My skin is now wafer thin and I really really need a few days rest.  Lets hope I've recovered before the weather turns.

Crimping hard on Shallow Grave

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