Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day Sendage

Rose and I managed to get out to Woodhouse today for a spot of bouldering.  I was keen to get on Ian's Roof font 7c**, as I had put in a session previously.  It had rained unexpectedly this morning, so the hour I spent was hard work, but some good links were made.  I had manged it in sections the last time I tried it, but the crux move had never felt good and I could not climb through it.  Paul had popped over on his way back to the car and gave a few helpful hints about heel hooks, which made a big difference.  We had other things to do, so bailed.
Mid crux, the holds are not as good as the look!

I managed to return this afternoon to take advantage of better conditions.  A few tweaks of heel placements and a different pair of shoes and I quickly did it in 2 overlapping halves.  Fired up by this I gave it a few real good efforts, but dropped it twice, missing the pocket to join Houdini.  After a good rest, I gave it all I had and only just hit the pocket.  Unwilling to give in, I pulled a bit harder than I thought I could and finished the problem.  Super Psyched!! But with a forearm and Bicep strain for my trouble.  Hopefully it will clear up in a couple of days, it doesn't feel to serious.

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